Material Matters

Exhibit for the National Science Foundation’s Center for Nanotechnology in Society
Gala: May 3-5 at Mission Palms Hotel in the North Abbey

Material Matters was an opportunity to celebrate some of the artifacts of the Center for Nanotechnology in Society.  Materials are central to how we conduct research, create engagement with a broad audiences, and curate new understandings about the role and potential of innovation in society.  In this exhibit you will see the ways objects led to work and inspired iterations of public engagement, problem-solving, mutual collaboration, and joint reflection. This collection will enable us to look back at some of CNS’s accomplishments, so that we can look forward to future projects.

Materials include artifacts from InnovationSpace to Socio-Technical Integration Research (STIR), as well as the publications and public response outputs of those undertakings. The Futurescape City Tours exhibit presents a novel method for creatively engaging the public in contemplating the future and displays some of the images captured by lay publics. Check out the archive of NanoDays kits and the famous Tippy Table. Try your hand at answering a question or two at the Nanotechnology and Society Survey.  Revisit the future with Emerge Viewfinders, Future Design Studio, and the AI Cheerleader.  Materials are the matter of new ideas, so enjoy the “stuff” of our investigations at CNS.

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