Tactical Media


(Photo: Barbie Liberation Organization)

Case Study: Tactical Media

Tactical media is a genre of new media art that spans the borders between technology, science, politics, and art. My research focused on RTMark, an art piece in the form of a website which rose to prominence during the early 1990s internet expansion. As corporations rushed to set up web presence, RTMark came onto the internet scene mimicking logos, slogans, and policy statements. RTMark’s website declared that it offered “complex solutions for a simple world™” (RTMark) and meant to deliver a stinging critique of corporate mentalities and liability law. Since these actors are engaged in shaping their projects from technical materials and situating them in art or science context depending on their current needs, they are an excellent example of my central interest. When tactical media practitioners are making art, they are also making knowledge and waging politics. I concentrated on the material and rhetorical resources tactical media practitioners enrolled to situate their work as either art or science to transfer their political message.

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